Synchronize clip

I got my sansa clip for xmas use the free 30 day rhapsody but never joined now my clip is saying need to synchronize and renew service will not play any songs.

Ok couple of things. First your post would be better off in the Clip forum. But Its ok because this question gets asked a lot. This brings me to my second point. This Message board has an awesome Search function, always search using that tool before posting. But Since you asked, when you use rhapsody you essentially are “Renting” music. When the subscription is up then the music wont play. You need to go in and delete the songs from the clip that you got from rhapsody, and then empty out the rhapsody subfolder under the service folder.

Hey, thanks for the help I for sure use this forum more for other problems.

I see that Conversionbox possesses tact as well as wisdom.  :wink:

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