synching m240

i have just purchased an m240 for a present and wanted to load some music onto it. i’m using windows ME and have tried to drag and drop from both explorer and media monkey from cd tracks in my media library. when i call up player info on computer it shows three tracks copied but player shows only one. when i try to play track player comes up with message to synchronise music. i’m probably stupid but i have no idea what this means or what i need to do. can anyone help.

Were the songs ripped from CDs with Windows Media Player?  If so what version of WMP are you using?  If not where did the files come from.

The message you are receiving is indicative that the music is protected.

i’m not usre what version of WMP i have but it must be 7 or 8 years old. the music i’m downlaoding are tracks that i have transferred from CD to my computer.

It’s possible that the version of Windows Media Player that you are using is automatically copy-protecting the music you rip from CDs.  That would explain the error you’re getting.  The best thing to do is check the version and do a little research on the internet (probably start at

I know this is something people don’t like to hear, but you should really upgrade to XP or Vista. Granted, Vista is still a bit buggy, but you will still recieve updates and such. That way, it will ensure that you are always using the newest version of Windows Media Player.