Sweet improvements

As an owner and heavy user of an original 8GB Clip, I am very pleased Sandisk added the card slot to the Clip+. This addition made the Clip near perfect…in my opinion. It has excellent sound quality, a clip, and sports the main codecs. Now it also provides memory expandability.

Well done Sandisk. 

I finally have my new Clip+ and I can attest, it is a sweet one. I had to settle for the 4GB instead of the desired 8GB version. But a 16GB card will provide adequate storage when I can obtain one. Right now I am using FLAC on an 8GB card I pulled from my Fuze and OGG@350 Kb/s files on the internal memory in order to get all of my music on it.

I opted for the black one. I have a black 1st gen Clip and that shade has grown on me. Functionally this new Clip+ seems swifter and more refined in the interface. It still uses the press-once UI I love too. I like the square pad more than the round one also.

Finally obtained a 16GB card…Lexar…and loaded it full of FLAC files. After a somewhat brief refresh…maybe about 30 to 45 seconds, the Clip+ plays all of the music without a hitch. I now have a 20GB Sansa Clip. :slight_smile: