Suggested Custom Video Settings?

Question #1:  What are the BEST settings for custom videos when converting for my Sansa Fuze+?  I use my Sansa most times for playing music videos.  I need to know what would be best for less trouble with the Sansa?  For FPS I can choose 24 or 30.  For the kbps, I can manually type in whatever Data Rate I want.  So to sum it up, I need to know the best FPS & kbps rates for videos?

Question #2:  Is there a limit as to how many videos can be stored on the Sansa Fuze+?  I have a vast collection of music videos and need to know if there’s a limit similar to the mp3 limits of 10,000 songs?

Question #3:  Final question.  If I convert properly, is it possible to put a full movie on my Sansa…or would I have to split it up into several files for each movie due to memory issues?

I HAVE tried to do this research online, but have found nothing reguarding my questions anywhere on the internet so far.  Thank you in advance.

One last thing, and I’m not trying to be rude, but please don’t suggest for me to use the Sansa Media Converter.  It doesn’t work on ANY videos I’ve tried and have grown very tired of trying to get it to work, and I’ve heard many others saying the same thing.

Ok, I did find a solution to part of my questions here, the video settings for proper conversion:  30 fps at 1000 kbps.  Seems a bit bloated for such a small unit, but I’ll try it for best performance.  There’s still the other two questions tho.

  1. See the video requirements for the Fuze+ here.
  2. Don’t know. I don’t believe anyone has ever asked that before here. Guess you could load’er up and see and then let everyone else know your findings.
  3. It should be possible to put a full-length movie onto the Fuze+. You could on the previous players (Fuze, e200 series). Some people did occasionally have an audio/video sync problem, but then that may have been due to using the SMC. With another video conversion software program, this may not be an issue.

Thanks for the reply Tapeworm.  I suppose it is an odd question to ask how many videos can be stored.  I’m just so into music videos that I’ve put over 60 on the Fuze+ already and I’m only beginning.  :)  Once I max the internal storage out on music videos, I’ll post my results here.

I’m also going to try a couple of movies, just to see what the Fuze+ can do.  :)  I already tried one movie, and the only problem I had was when I tried fast forwarding or rewinding it.  THAT is where the audio/video sync became inbalanced and at times the video would black out…but if I left it alone, it played the entire movie.  That was with different video settings on the conversion, so I’m going to try the recommended video settings and see how it goes.  I suppose it’s just a matter of try and see.  :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the response.

About the issues you have with full-lenght movies:
It’s probably being caused by the Fuze+'s AVI demuxer (that is, the software that reads the AVI"s). It seems to me that the Fuze+ doesn’t like long AVI at all. It doesn’t really matter what settings you use, if it’s AVI, it will crash eventually. Especially long ones. I highly recommend that you use another container/format. I can’t really say much about WMV, but MP4 seems to handle long movies perfectly. No seek issues, no blank screen, no random restarts. Please note that if the AVI files have Mpeg-4 video and MP3 audio, then you can use MP4Box to remultiplex them quickly and losslessly into the MP4 container. However, MP4Box uses complicated command lins, so you may want to download a gui, such as My MP4Box Gui or YAMB (Yet Another Mp4 Box gui).

Also, the video specs posted are a little vague and very misleading. I have yet to find a limitation of how many frames per second this thing can play (the documentation says it only supports 30 frames per second, but the sample videos only use 23.976!). I noticed that if you have a very large bitrate, the device will lag (I’m guessing 6 or 7 MBPS), but other than that it seems to handel just about anything.

Also, please be aware this device seems to have a problem with Mpeg-4 quarter pixels. Videos with quarter pixels tend to have visual problems that shouldn’t otherwise be there. How it is able to playback the sample videos is beyond me, since they use Mpeg-4 AVC, which seems to force the user to deal with quarter pixels. A good way to avoid this is to just use Mpeg-4 ASP codecs (DivX, XviD, ect.), as most programs will leave this off by default.

One more thing, if you use Mpeg-4 ASP, you can probably get better quality using custom quantization matrices, the device seems to support them. I have played entire full-length movies like this without problems.

I sure hope this made cense! I’ve tried to avoid big words as much as possible, but some were inevitable. I’m talking about some fairly advanced stuff, so I apologize if you get confused by any of this.

i posted this a while back

Its a script for Avidemux

a nice free video editting encoding program

it was made for linux but the windows port is awesom i think

I used to use virtual dub or similar before

some people like super simple point and click apps

but without advanced control you can have problems

the fuze can be picky for what profiles/settings it will run

I was using Any Video Converter but found that the audio was out of sync when I converted MKV’s to MP4.

I now use RipBot264 and it’s been great so far.