Subtitle problem.


I’m sorry if this is not appropriate to current forum.

I don’t know where else to ask.

I’m using sandisk connect wireless 128g(and i’m using iphone 6s plus).

I’m very satisfied with this product except subtitle problem.

I think it is not supporting subtitle at the moment.

so I have two questions.

  1. Is there any way I can watch videos with subtitle?

  2. Is sandisk has any plans to supporting subtitle function?

Thank you.

Files that have subtitles embedded on the video screen can be viewed without any issue. But the files that have .sub, .srt e.t.c files associated  with them ( which contains the subtitles) cannot be viewed via the App. For viewing these, you can use the Open In feature of the Connect Drive App which will enable you to view them via external third party application which supports them.  

i would like to add that it would be awesome if in future updates of the app, it adds support to dual audio movies (sometimes you can choose between the original audio or the dubbed version). It can’t be done now.

Hi I am using the Sandisk wireless on my iPad. 

download nPlayer from the AppStore. there is free ad supported version. 

When you connect your device to the Sandisk,open up the nPlayer app. 

Scan for network and find the Sandisk 

you should be able to use nPlayer to play your videos with subtitles.

I’m using an IPad with nPlayer (there is Paid and free version of the app)

connect your device to the wireless stick. Run nPlayer and press the network tab and then scan for network. 

Your wireless stick should show up. Connect to it and watch your videos with subtitles from the app.