My iPad won't read some videos downloaded into our sandisk connect

My iPad won’t read some videos downloaded into our sandisk connect, but my wife’s iPad can read them. Help!

We will need a little more details in order to try to help. 

what is the iOS version of both the iPads?

What Connect Drive App version are you using on both iPads? 

What is the file type and codecs used in the videos?

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Many thanks for your reply and please accept my apologies for having posted on another page. We have a sandisk connect wireless stick FDCB1A. Both iPads use iOS 9.3.5. We use Sandisk Connect 1.2.2 (1152) downloaded from iTunes Store. My wife’s iPad can read the hAa.NiG.mkv files from downloaded films/tv shows, while my iPad can’t.

Sorry, problem not solved.

What versions of iPad are the 2 iPads? There is a model number in Settings > General > About

Can you upload one of the files with the issue to dropbox or something and PM a link so we can take a look at the file?

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The iPad that can’t read the files MD329PP/A. The one that can MD789PP/A. Will try to upload a file tomorrow. Many thanks for your help.