SanDisk Connect drive not playing video

My iPhone 11 pro was updated this week to ios14. I can no longer play .mp4 from my SanDisk Connect Thumbdrive. The sound plays, but the video just has the loading emblem going around. Never loads.


I have exactly the same problem

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We need a solution from SanDisk.

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Same here. Looks like apps hasn’t been updated in a few years.
Please hope patch with newer version

Same problem, I tried updating the firmware and still have the same problem. Sandisk please fix this issue, i have two drives that are now just plain thumb drives and dont provide the functionality that i was purchasing.

I have the same problem. Just went on a trip last weekend with my IPad and only audio works. I also tried adding the firmware update and resetting the drive. No luck. SanDisk please help!!!

I have the same issue. This makes the device entirely useless to me. Disappointed to see that with iOS 14 out for so long there isn’t a solution here :frowning:

I opened this thread.

I ensured it was up to date and then tested it. It still didn’t work.

Now it is working, the only thing that has changed is several IOS updates. So, maybe it will start working for you all also.

Well I reported on 3/31/21 that mine was working again. I spoke too soon. It’s not working now. :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem … sound is fine but no video. Very frustrating . I removed the Sandisk Connect Drive on both my iphone 11 and ipad mini and reinstalled it . Did a reset on the stick …Nothing works ! My wireless stick is full of movies and I can’t watch any . surely there is a solution ?
Darren Melbourne Australia

I have the same issue I cannot watch mp4 files from my San disk wireless stick. Anyone have any ideals.

This is still a current issue in July 2021. My SD Connect will only play audio, no video. I am using iPhone 12. I may have discovered an extremely inconvenient workaround–you can save a video stored on the stick to the phone’s camera roll. It should play properly from there.

Sandisk PLEASE update your firmware/iPhone app!!

I contacted support and their response is that Wireless Connect Stick is EOL and will not work with ios devices ios14 or above. Lame.