Use VLC to play video from the wireless stick

I want to use VLC to play my video from my Sandisk wireless stick, because the audio doesn’t work for some of my videos when I use the SanDisk video player.  How do I go about doing this?  Is there another video player that can see the wireless stick?


I try to watch MKV with subtitle and multi language on my ipad with VLC App and I found a solution.

Not the best but it works!

Download VLC App for Ipad

Connect le wireless stick with the ipad.

The Ip adress of the stick is

Open safari on your ipad, type this adress on the adress browser

Safari show you folder in the stick

Go into the choose folder and click on the movie file you want to watch.

Safari try to open the movie, select all the adress of the file and copy it.

Then open VLC and go to the menu stream network and paste the copying adress of the movie.

Check you copy correctly the link without an space at end or forget a letter on the link

With the french version of VLC It works. You don’t need to download the file on the Ipad

You can choose the language and the subtitle and watch the film on streaming !

Hope it helps you

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Just a precision

When you are on the safari, and you have on the right folder the movie file, keep your finger on the right file, a popup menu open and propose you to copy the link.

You are sure to have the right link of the file then copy it on VLC stream network menu