Stupid Wireless Stick Question regarding Photos

I’ve successfully connected to the device so it communicates with my Iphone 6S. I’ve successfully transfered (copied) photos from my Iphone to the wireless stick via WIFI.

My question is, do I manually delete the photos off my Iphone in order to make room? Or is there an option for auto delete after the transfer /copy? 

Also, the transfered files are uncompressed and 100% copies of the Iphone?

Thanks in advance.

if you manually transfer the pictures you will have to manually delete them from your native photos app after the transfer to free up space. 

in the settings there is an option for camera backup. If you use this option the camera will auto backup each time the app is launched. this option also includes an option to delete the pictures after backup. 

if you choose to delete after backup the deleted pictures will go to the recently deleted folder of your native photos app for 30 days. If you need to free up space right away you will need to open the native photos app and manually delete the pictures from the recently deleted folder to free the space. 

the files are exact copies of the jpegs the iOS device takes. These are not uncompressed as all jpegs are compressed. iOS devices (until the iPhone 7) do not shoot in raw. 

Awesome. Thank you, sir!

hai…can you give a suggestion to me about transferring photos ?

because i cant upload photos from my iphone 6 to WS 64GB and it said: connection interrupted. so transfering photos failed. my phone memory still 1 GB, but i cant even transfer 1 photo only…