Streaming many types of video files to an iPad...

I really wanted to be able to store the TV shows and movies, that I wanted to watch, on this flash drive and then stream them to my iPad.  I know that the SanDisk app will play videos but A. It won’t play .mkv files and B. It needs to copy the movie to the iPad to watch it.

First issue is that a lot of the movie files are bigger than 4GB and cannot be put on the SanDisk because of the size limits of FAT-32.  Thankfully that will be handled in a firmware update (see elsewhere in this forum for a discussion of that).

Second was to find video player app for the iPad that streams content.  I found “nplayer” which is a very nice player and does the streaming perfectly.  I can now watch my 720p TV shows and the connection speed between the SanDisk and iPad is fast enough that the streaming is seamless.

nplayer is $4.99 and can be found here: