Strange error: no letters in display, Noise by playing mp3 but radio working

Hello all,

i own my Clip+ for several months now, and this morning something strange happened: Suddenly, only noise was coming out of the headphones (double checked them with my mobile - they’re okay). When i switch to other songs neither the name of the artist or anything else containing letters is visible. This also attributes to the menus: i see all the icons, but no words or letters. When trying to hear radio this indeed works! Furthermore no connection to a PC is possible as none of the three PCs evaluated recognises the device. Also tried a reset by holding the power button for some time, and even like fifty restarts of the device didnt help. Any ideas?

Best regards

Hold down the << or the center button and try to connect.

If you can, leave it connected, download the firmware from the firmware thread near the top of the page. Unzip it, drag the files from the folder onto the SANSA CLIP drive, disconnect and let it reinstall the firmware.

And if that doesn’t work, call 1-866-SANDISK or the customer service in your country and get a replacement. You have a one-year warranty.

Hi Ozee, it would be really nice if you can update the thread on how this worked out for you. I’m curious to see on whatever fix can be applied here.