Stop Flashing Orange Light

I have Cruzer 16GB.  When I plug it into my computer, there is orange flashing light that stays on.  Is there a way to disable the light?  It’s a little annoying when your on a plane working and the passenger next to you comments on the flashing orange light. 

Was the passenger’s comment “ooo I want one”, or “the light, the light, take it away” or something similar?  If so, ask for a seat change.

The light stays on to remind you that the device is plugged in, and active.  There is no on/off switch, hardware or software.  A piece of electrical tape, cardboard, or heavy paper placed across it should solve the problem until you disembark.

Thanks for the reply. I recently bought a 32G Sandisk and no doubt it is great, but the flashing light really is annoying. A small static light would have been better such as I have on a Lexar, which only flashes when files are being loaded. Sensible idea.

I thought the flashing only occurs when there is activity on the drive. 

And there can be many types of activity done by a system than just reading and writing files to it.  The files could be being indexed, the machine’s AV could be scanning it or checking it repeatedly for changes, etc.  Why on one USB device and not the other?  Different drive letters, different config settings, ie configed for Performance rather than Fast Removal, different drivers, different purposes for the lights, one indicates it is plugged in the other indicates activity, one indicates it is safe to remove the other indicates it is not, etc.

Check the drive letters and each device’s config.  See if they are the same.

Interesting, but a little too complicated for me to be mucking around with drives. Anyway, after loading some files onto Cruzer the red flasher has slowed down considerably to a gentle massaging motion. Now that could be disturbing!  Somewhat soothing though I reckon. Fascinating also that as I have two computers running side by side, both HP - one XP and the other Win7, if I place the Cruzer into the XP for transferring files from Win7, I don’t have the flashing problem because in their fabulous wisdom, HP have forced one to turn the Cruzer upside down to insert. Now that is great thinking, eh? Opposite functioning from the one company on two separate computers! Guess they simply didn’t think of it. But what it means to me is that I no longer see the red flasher on the XP machine as it is out of sight to the right. I see that the Vault idea on Cruzer is an excellent addition although when I go searching for my email files on Cruzer it will show the individual files but won’t allow me to choose a programme to run them, i.e. Eudora, even with browsing for the programme it does not show. Interesting that. Not worrying me too much. No big deal. Can use other back up methods.

Anyway, there’s another problem. After quitting Sandisk I find I can’t get back into it again. Click on the icon and it tells me that Sandisk Secure Access is already open, but it is not, ah… nowhere to be seen. So, one trys to eject Cruzer Slice from the computer and is told by Safely Remove Hardware that Cruzer still in use, cannot eject or words similar, nor are any programs using it. What fun! Well, perhaps it may sort iself out on rebooting. Will try that.


Me again. Rebooting did not work. Says Cruzer still in use, so cannot open. Oh well, back to the drawing board to see what else one can do. It’s a learning process, is it not?

PS. The mad flashing has come back again, so may well take your tip and use a bit of masking tape. 

I am going to mark where the light is and drill into it with the smallest drill bit I have.  I’ll let you know how it goes.