Power/Data light on flash drive?

Lets try this again…

I’m looking at a 64gb Cruzer CZ33 compact USB flash drive. Does it have a light on it at all? I play videos through my dvd player and the flashing light on my current drive is distracting.

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Well, I found these beautiful pendrives.

Please check you too, to have no light.

See links: http://www.sandisk.com/products/usb/drives/cruzer-force/






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The one I was looking at was the “Fit” model in your second link. Does that have a light?

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Not, is a tab for a bead of keychain.


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:smileyvery-happy:   Ok!    Enjoy!!

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Apologies, erratum:

There is a tiny orange LED on the USB drive, to indicate access activity.


See: http://shop.sandisk.com/store/sdiskus/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.288528700?

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Just bought it and it DOES have a light.

Not happy.

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Sorry, I realized later, reading a technical review.

Do not grieve, it certainly can change, by Cruzer Force.

See link: http://shop.sandisk.com/store/sdiskus/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.288528700?

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Just bought it and it DOES have a light.

A drop of dark nail polish should solve the problem.