SSD Plus about NAND Question

  1. ask, about SSD PLUS model is what kind of particles ???
  2. The requirement to verify whether the MLC particles, why are businesses in the mainland SSD PLUS is TLC particles ???
  3. And to make inquiries particle number depending unable to find matching
    Are 4.SM 2246XT really only support SLC and MLC particles ???

The translation may be an issue with your post. I don’t really understand what you are asking on some of your points. That said the SSD plus is the low end sandisk ssd. for this reason i am sure the SSD is TLC memory although sandisk does not typically release this info for retail products. 

The SSD Plus is an entry-level SSD that uses MLC NAND in the US. It’s primary design point is affordability, and the NAND inside it are probably the ones not graded high enough to use in Sandisk’s flagship SSDs. Like many other types of products, there could easily be variation depending on locality. At least in regards to the US product, it is an outstanding budget drive.