Difference between SDSSDA-120G-G25 and SDSSDA-120G-G26 ...?

Hi Guys,

Sandisk seems to have released a newer version of the SSD Plus called G26.

in Europe I came across G25 with Z220 and U210 firmware.

Has the NAND controller evolved, with a newer firmware, like in the US ?

Are these still MLC chips?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Bolc,

-G25 or -G26 or -1022 or anything after the capacity code is a marketing code, the product inside is the same, this code is for marketing reasons. 

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Many ecommerce website state that the new version contains TLC CHIP.To fasten the ssd,they replaced the old MLC chip.

New version is no longer MLC.

New version(G26)=NAND: TLC Toggle (15nm, Toshiba)
Older version(G25)=NAND: MLC Toggle (19nm, Toshiba)
I think to speed up the sandisk drives,They changed the NAND to TLC.

Hi Nirmal_Mandal, 

It is not as clear cut as that, both -G25 and -G26 include multiple builds.