SSD dashboard crash during installation on Win 7 64bit Engilsh

When trying it install SSD dashboard ( crashes on Windows 7 64bit Enlish OS. How may I resolve this?


Please make sure that you fullfill all the software requirement to install the dashboard. It needs the latest .net frameword and internet explorer to sucessfully install it on the system.

More info here:

Good Luck.

The software requirements are a nightmare for a slow Internet connection. I literally spent hours installing IE 11 (while the minimum listed is IE 9, the only one I could install was 11, as MS said my machine could not use IE 9). After downloading the “full” IE 11 offline software installer, using Win 7-64 Ultimate, I had to:
Upgrade to SP1 (took 2 tries via Windows update), reboot
Install unspecified updates, reboot
Install 6 other updates, reboot required after each one.

I then found I still had IE 8 installed. Re-ran the IE 11 installer and repeated the unspecified download/update AGAIN. :angry:

What can’t this program use Firefox instead?

The funny (not really) thing is that I used the SSD Dashboard program on my Asrock/AMD W7-64U computer before I upgraded to an MSI/Intel combo with the same OS. I had to reinstall all of my programs, and this one was by far the worst one to reinstall.


Yes i know its quite a work to update all this programms and have them on the latest updates but the engineers from sandisk decided that they have to work on some requirements and the standard ones are from microsoft and so they did.

i would also prefer that the software would work with firefox but you have to update the great(:p) internet explorer

I hope that at least the software is working fine now