Sport clip plus 32gb Bluetooth volume way too low

heya everyone
long time sandisk/sansa user, fuse was amazing … pretty much for audible exclusively because I don’t want to use my phone in the gym or run battery or distraction with emails…
just got my sport clip plus (32gb) and Bluetooth pairing worked BUT I can hardly hear anything. wired, no issue good volume. settings were “rest of the world” so it’s not that.

if anyone has an idea of increasing volume on BT (pixel buds a series) would be great to hear.

Hi @jdubzzz,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

My Bluetooth earbuds have their own volume control and the volume is increased/decreased by a series of touches on the earbud. Have you checked to see if this is the case with yours?

I finally got it sorted. it was updating the driver and absolutely loving this device. thanks for getting in touch.

Just got my Sport Clip Plus (32gb). I tried it on Bluetooth pairing to my Bluetooth speaker. It works BUT I can hardly hear anything. I got my Bluetooth speaker at maximum volume which is 30. Also I tried it via mini jack to my car radio Aux Port (wired connection) and still I can’t hardly hear anything at maximum volume of 30. (Note: a normal volume of a radio station is ~15.) The settings are “Rest Of The World” and the volume is “High” in the Sandisk Clip Sport “Settings” so it’s not that. I tried Sandisk Support BUT they were not any help. They send my links on Audio/Video Player Safety Instructions (talking about critical db levels), how to formal a MAC computer, and how to format a PC computer. That is Completely worthless. I notice on “Rest Of The World” under Clip Sport “Settings” then under “Volume” there is a “Normal” and “High” options. I tried “High” and then tried “Normal” both setting are the same low volume. I would think “High” means High Volume. At db levels, the Clip Sport Plus on “High” ONLY puts out 30 db. That is WHISPER Level. Any external device via BT Speaker or a car radio with normal background noise will drown out any music coming out from the Clip Sport Plus Any Ideas to increase volume output on the Clip Sport Plus.