New SanDisk Clip Support Plus. Very weak volume.

New SanDisk Clip Support Plus has very weak volume. Even with volume turned all the way up (using the buttons on the side) and with the volume switched to high in “Settings.” Does not matter whether using Bluetooth, earbuds, or regular earphones plugged into the side. With very quiet background noise, I can barely hear the music. There is no sound at all when switched to the Radio.
Okay, so later today, I plugged my stereo amplifier into the earphone jack. This produced some good sound, since the signal was getting amplified. But when I unplugged the microphone cable and switched back to Bluetooth, it was a very weak volume again. I know it’s not the Bluetooth receiver in the stereo amplifier because it works just fine when I use my iPhone Bluetooth to transmit to the amplifier. Frustrating, that I can’t just call a SanDisk tech support. I guess they don’t have a budget for this small stuff.

Hi @peskynow,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: