"Space" problems with e270

Hey folks!
I’ve had my e270 for almost a year now, and it’s been working great, untill a while ago.
I’ve been using both USB-modes, and recently, when I deleted all the musicfiles on the player, it appears that the firmware won’t “release” the space. When I look at the player in explorer, the disk is empty, and there’s no files there. I’ve tried updating the firmware, formatting with media player, everything i can think of, but it still just tell me that i have about 3200MB free… which is a bit little for a 6GB player…
Anyone know about any nice tricks to get this fixed?


Actually, i think the player is gB not GB or something like that. I have always been confused. I am not sure what to do do. the only logical thing is to format the player, update the firmware via recovery mode and try that.

the actual ammount of disk space isn’t the problem, it’s that half of it is “gone” :stuck_out_tongue:
done formatting and updating firmware in recovery mode =(

maybe i’ll just have to return it to the shop to get a new one…


Haha, nice one. Yeh, I have no idea what is wrong, seems quite isolated…

Anyway, getting it replaced should be easy. Plus it will be new and shiny :slight_smile:

new and shiny… now that’s a good point! this one has gotten a bit beating :stuck_out_tongue: