There are songs that are stuck and do not show on my computer. If I format the drive…will I ruin it, or fix it?

Define “stuck”.

Formatting won’t ruin your player, but it will erase all user-added content. Whether or not this will “fix” the problem you are having, I can’t say until you tell us more about your situation.

Simple, when there is no music in my Media folder…there is still music on the player. I cannot remove it!

If you are using a Mac, remember you must empty your Trash before disconnecting the player. Otherwise, the files will not be deleted.

I am using a PC. My point is, the songs in question are always on my player. I cannot remove them. They are not even in the Media or Data folders!

As I said, formatting will remove all user-added content. But hearing you’re not using a Mac, your issue is more probably an MTP/MSC one. Files loaded in one USB mode are not visible while connected n the other. You may be referring to the sample songs that come on the player from the factory. These are loaded in MTP mode. If your player is in MSC you won’t be able to see or delete them. Switch the USB mode (Settings > System Settings) and you will be.