Songs with parentheses do not appear in playlist


I have a problem regarding the use of playlists with my Sansa Clip+. My tracks in the Music/ folder are sorted by Artists. I have a special artist folder called “(Miscellaneous)” (the parentheses ensure this folder appears at the top in my library) where I store tracks of various artists that do are not owned by an album (and for those tracks, the mp3 “Artist” tag is equal to “(Miscellaneous)”).

The problem is that those tracks do not appear in my playlists. I have no problem browsing those tracks through the “Artists” menu, I have no problem seeing tracks of “real” artists in my playlists, and I have no problem seeing tracks that contain a parentheses in their name in my playlists.

Is there a fix for that? Am I doing something wrong? Is my only option to rename this “(Miscellaneous)” folder?

PS: I use .m3u playlists. Here is an extract of one playlist:

..\Music\(Miscellanous)\2Pac vs. Gramatik - I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway.mp3 ..\Music\Astronote\The Raw Tape\08 Astronote - 90's Love.mp3 ..\Music\GRiZ\Mad Liberation\09 GRiZ - Better Than Ive Ever Been.mp3 ..\Music\DJ Shadow\Endtroducing\02 DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt.mp3 ..\Music\(Miscellanous)\Chaptabois - Commercial Joint (Instrumental).mp3

 And here’s the folders architecture of my Sansa Clip+:

Root/ Music/ (Miscellaneous)/ Artist 1/ Artist 2/ ... Playlist/ playlist A.m3u playlist B.m3u ...

Have you tried eliminating the parentheses?

Ok… found where my problem came from… this is dumb. The playlist was not correctly formed: folder was name “(Miscellanous)” in place of “(Miscellan E ous)”. Didn’t see it at first glance, sorry for this false post.

Thanks for your help though!