playlists are useless

  1. connect your sansa clip to your pc

  2. make a playlist by right-clicking a track in your music folder and
    selecting make playlist.

This creates a .pla playlist that depends upon the numerical position of the track in the music folder.

As soon as  you edit the contents of the music folder by adding or deleting other tracks, if the changes are earlier in the alphabet than the track name, the playlist will no longer refer to the correct track.

tshapin wrote:

 playlists are useless

I’ve been saying that for a long time! :smileyvery-happy:

I’ve never seen a .pla file, because I always use M3U-format playlists. Are entries in .pla files really indexed numerically?

The solution is to create M3U playlists. If WMP can’t do it, use some half-decent software which can.


Ive just bought clip+ v1,0 and im confused, how to use folders.

All i want is to create folders, to put music in it and to play songs. But if i upload songs, clip+ creates so many folders for each song, its uncomfortable.

I want to it to be like that: i press music, folders, and have thses folders “long sets”  “rock” “pop” “dnb” etc… i go inside, and play music.(I remember my old creative zen was able to do that…but its broken and it was only 1gb, and it had not big battery…)

In other words i want to know how to make more golists :))

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