Songs repeating even though repeat isn't turned on

hey guys, i’m new to this board and i have a problem. My e260 keeps repeating song even though repeat isn’t turned on. usually i could press the skip ahead button on the right side and it would go back to the music menu (the one that has the options, artist, album etc…)

any help here?

Make sure you don’t have multiple copies of the song (like one on internal memory, one on card, one transferred via MSC, one transferred via MTP).

Make sure the Hold switch isn’t on. 

how do you check if you have multiple songs

Navigate to Songs (Music > Songs) and look at the alphabetical listing.  At this level, you’ll see if any tracks are listed twice.  I’ve had this happen when transferring an album to microSD card, then swapping to another player that has the same album in the internal memory.  The songs on the card will show a wee card icon next to them.

If you transfer a track in MSC mode, then again in MTP, you can have duplicates, since from the PC, you won’t see both modes at the same time.

Lastly, if you use different audio formats or codecs, both versions of the song will list.  For example, I can have an MP3 copy, as well as a FLAC copy of a song in memory (the e200 wasn’t granted FLAC capability, but the same thing will happen if one copy is WMA and the other MP3).

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actually the songs aren’t doubled, all i know is it got updated and now it’s doing this.

Just for the heck of it, try changing the setting to shuffle or repeat or whatever and see what it does. 


Do you know if you have a v1 (Under Settings/Info/Firmware Version begins with 1.x) or v2 (begins with 3.x).

You can try deleting the index. In a v1 it is the DATA folder inside SYSTEM (you need to un-Hide hidden folders in Windows). In a v2 it is mtable.sys. The Sansa will reconstruct the index when you disconnect. 

good to know that it is not just mine- I have a c250v2 that is a warranty replacement for a v1 which worked great but had a problem with a faulty headphone jack. Unfortunately, you are probably stuck with the problem. I have songs repeating several times over when 100’s have not played at all and the repeat is turned off. I am in the market for another mp3 player and think Sansa is not the way to go. I don’t understand why they can’t write a program that recognizes that a song has already played while giving equal value to each song on the playlist. I gave up with support, they act surprised that there is a problem. I can only guess that sansa is not interested in offering a quality product. Or…is it possible that Sansa’s pay scale is so low that they can not afford to hire quality program writers?

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