Multiple copies of the same song after Media Player synch

After synching ripped CD’s from Media Player, my Sansa View ends up with multiple versions of the same song.  During playback, those songs with double entries play twice, triple entries three times, etc.

I’m using a 8GB Sansa View with a 8GB expansion card.  I recently checked for any firmware updates.

I just formatted both the internal memory and the expansion card.  Then I re-synched my music collection  (which is 99.9% ripped CD’s) thru Media Player.  Some CD’s transfered normally (one version of each song) and some had 2 or 3 versions.  No obvious rhyme or reason to which CD’s had 1 vs 2 vs 3, but it is consistant within any given CD. 

For what it’s worth, this player performed flawlessly for a year or so.  I noticed these multiple song entries not long after I installed the expansion memory card.

Any ideas out there? 

Thanks!  Bob

Oh - I should add that only one copy of each song appears when you view the directory using Media Player or My Computer.  You don’t know any thing bad has happened until you disconnect and fire up the Sansa View.


So it sounds like Media Player put multiple entries for some songs in the Sansa’s database, pointing to the same song in memory.  You’re sure these songs aren’t on both the expansion card and in internal memory, right?

I’ve seen this myself with other MP3 players when syncing to them using WMP.  I eventually gave up on it and started using MediaMonkey, and never had the problem since.

But, if you prefer to stick with WMP, I’d suggest that you try erasing the player, then put it into MSC mode (instead of MTP) and try syncing again.