Songs are on card but are not in album on Sansa

Hi everyone,

Great place here to find fixes for Sansa issues.

My problem is this. I have searched the forum here for 2 days now looking for my specific problem.

I have a Sansa Fuze 4 GB and I have an 8GB microsd that I am putting all my music on. Im saving the 4 gb of the sansa to put movies on .

Anyways when I add my CD’s to the card, all the songs are in order on my pc while reading the microsd on a card reader. But when I  put the microssd into the sansa, some files from certain artists are not found in the srtists area i.e. Eminem albums missing tracks. As in all the Eminem CD’s do this and this is what happens. On the pc the songs are in the right order and all are in the proper folder. When the card is in the Sansa the album is in the right spot but songs are missing and the songs are all over the place in the artists list. Of course when you play the certain albums the songs are missing too. They arent missing they are just somewhere else in the list of artists.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Im not too pc literate so if I have to use an MP3tag program please tell me what to click to convert the tags to the proper settings.

Thank for all your help in advance


Almost certainly a tag problem. 

See here (about 1/2 way down the 1st post is a description of what to set  up in Mp3Tag).

Of course it could just be the Fuze throwing a wobbly at having Eminem tracks forced on it… :wink:

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@daytona955 wrote:


Of course it could just be the Fuze throwing a wobbly at having Eminem tracks forced on it… :wink:


I know I would throw a fit if someone forced Eminem on me.

Bring on the water-boarding, but don’t force me to listen to Eminem! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should be more specific in my original post.

When I add the CD’s (including Mozart, yes I know from Eminem to Mozart, what can I say I like all music! LOL), When I look at the artist’s in the artists list on the sansa and then click on that artists name, then click on the individual albums by that artist, not all the songs are there. There will be song 2,3,4, then it will skip to 7,8,9 and then 12 but 1, 5,6,10,11 are missing in the album when going through the artist section of the sansa.

Now when I go to the album section in the sansa and look and play the same CD’s from the album section all the songs are there that are on the CD’s and in the right order too.

Now I noticed when I looked in the files on my pc where my CD’s are copied to, that the tag name will start with say Eminem- slim shady,etc. then another tag will say Dr. Dre- knock off etc. but will be on an Eminem CD.

Now is this the reason why the whole album isnt showing in the artist list when I access it through artists section, instead of the album section?

Also how do I fix this, or is there even a fix for it?

I like looking up my CD’s through the artists name instead of the album name. So its a pain to have to go to the artist list to see which CD I want to lsten too then go to the album section and find it.



First off I am not Defending Eminem but he dad have the one good song but I couldnt tell you the name. The problem you are having is indeed tag releated. The solution I would suggest is to download mp3tag. Its a great program that will edit the tag and add album art with  little actual work from you.

Here is a link

I did a bit of research on this when I first got a Sansa. It is an e260v2, but the Fuze seems to follow the same rules. I was having similar issues, some tracks appearing in Unknown, some under the correct Artist/Album, some in the wrong order. My findings are here. I always make sure that my tags are ID3v2.3 in ISO-8859-1, and I strip any v1 tags. 

Mp3Tag can do this automatically for your entire library (but try it on a sample first).

Sort the tags out first, and if you’ve still got a problem, it’s not the tags! But at least you’ve eliminated one possibility.