Albums appear in system memory but not on Sansa menu

When I add albums from my PC to my Sansa (drop and drag) they appear to copy, and the Sansa internal memory says they are on the device in the “Album” folder, but when I disconnect and look for them they don’t appear on the “Album” menu and I cannot access them. This is a recent problem, as I have dropped and dragged albums successfully in the past. Anyone have a clue as to what is going wrong?

The Fuze reads ID3 tags–electronic labels that are part of mp3 files–to fill Album, Artist, Song, etc. Those are not folders, they are lists built from the tags. The Fuze might not be able to read the kind of tags that are on your problem albums. Or they might not have tags at all. 

You can find the album if you scroll all the way down Music to Folder and navigate that way. 

Or you can fix the tags with the instructions in this post.