Song Order in Albums

I have an several albums on my 2GB Fuze that will not list songs by track number.  The songs are listed alphabetically.

I checked the tags numerous times and still no luck.  Any suggestions?


This problem occurs when copying in MSC mode, sync with WMP with player set to Auto Detect mode lists them correctly.

I prefer to drag and drop and not mess with WMP or anything else.

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Hi Priell3,

when I transfer my album in MSC mode, the tracks show up in order of the album, not alphabetical. I didn’t use WMP at all, just drag n drop.

Does your id3 tags have the track# filled out?

I’m dragging and dropping in MSC mode and yes, the track tags are filled.

Strange this is, everything works fine on my E250, same albums on the Fuze are conFuzed.

Hi again, I have another trouble shooting question.

in the music menu, there are the nodes: play all, rencelty added, artists, albums, songs, genres, (and etc.)

album song order only displays if you go into the album node.

(not sure if you knew this or did this, but just incase you didn’t)

any other modes are listed in alpha order in their respected categories. 

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