Some way to connect remote control to Sansa e260, please?

I have been given an e260 v1 mp3 player plus a docking station and handheld remote.

Although I have bought a new battery for the remote, I can’t get it to have any affect on the mp3 player. Do I need to connect it up in some way? Please can anyone let me know what to do.

I have manually updated the firmware but this has made no difference.

Thanks folks.

What docking station is it? There’s only one that I know of, and it hasn’t been produced in many years.

Sansa Docking Station

If this is the one you have, make sure you have updated the firmware; it will not work unless you have done so.

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I see you say you have already updated the firmware, this didn’t seem to help. You might also check to make sure the button battery is in the right way; not turned upside down.

Did this work for the former owner? If so, it should work for you.

Thanks Tapeworm, I couldn’t see the image you posted, but this is the product I am talking about: Sandisk-Sansa-E200-Docking.

I will check with the former owner, perhaps it didn’t work for him either. I think the battery is inserted correctly as I can’t get the remote to close when the battery is the other way up.

Thanks for your replies.

I don’t know why you can’t se the image I posted, but your link is to the one I was referring to. I’ve got one and it works great. Don’t know why yours isn’t. Definitely check with the previous owner. :wink: