SOME Podcast folders NOT visible

I’m a longtime user of the Clip+ for podcast listening. I’m migrating to the Clip Jam, also exclusively for podcast listening.

My problem is a couople of the folders I’ve put into the External SD Card Podcast folder don’t show up, but MOST do show up. ALL of the files on the microSD card’s Podcast folder also have the Genre set as “Podcast” in the ID3 tag info.

In the Clip+ ID3 tag info seemed to be the key info that showed up on the player’s display and affected certain behavior. On the Clip Jam, ID3 tag info doesn’t seem to be nearly as important, while which folder the files are placed in seem to be key. Just to be clear I’ve used the same techniques to set ID3 tag info and all the files are in their particular folders INSIDE the SD card’s PODCAST folder, but at least 2 folders inside that Podcast folder don’t show up when searching the SD CARD, BOOKS, PODCAST, folders. ALL folders DO show up when I search FOLDERS, EXTERNAL CARD, PODCAST, Folder Name.

I would just use the folders through the FOLDERS approach except doing this means the player doesn’t remember where in a track it was stopped and some of my podcasts are 1-2 hours long and I need to remember my location inside a track.

I have had fairly good luck getting my podcasts to play track in orders, which is more tourble in the Clip Jam than the Clip+. I have tried using “FAT Sorter”, and my older programs “ReOrganize” and “Playlist Creator”.

What might explain the missing folders? I’ve confirmed the folders are located on the SD card and in the Podcast folder using Windows Explorer. There are only 831 files on the microSD card, btw. FAT32. When I put the folders into the internal memory Podcast folder, everything shows up as expected. Put those folders into the external memory Podcast folder and they don’t show up.


this seems to be a very interesting case and i think that Sandisk should be aware of this issue as well to see if it was done by mistake or its indeed like this with the clip Jam player. 

you can post your research under the following link:

A few suggestions for the problem of a few folders not showing up in the “CARD” mode inside the Podcast Folder.

Make sure the first 12 characters of the podcast “Album” names in the ID3 tags uniquely distinguish these few “missing” podcasts.  Maybe even try to get unique “Album” naming within the first 8 characters?

How many individual files so you have on it? The Jam (and Sport) have a 2000 ‘track’ database (2000-internal, 2000- memory card). Anything above that will not show in the menus, and I assume the folders they reside in as well.

However when using Folder mode, they will be visible and able to play. Maybe this could explain why you can see them one way but not the other?