Some issues using my fuze

Hey community. I’d like to post some issues bugging me using this great mp3 player:

  1. Sometimes during playback, display and sound turn of. If happen, I have to force shutdown (same way as booting the fuze), wait until it shut down (the display is still turned off, so I cant actually see if it is already off)  and then restart the player (using the same slidebutton)…

  2. Sometimes when adjusting the volume, the white surrounding of the volueme bar disappears - after waiting for the progressbar, the white surrounding is back again.

  3. Menu-Options should directly be set when clicking the midwheel-button. up to now when selecting a option I Have to use the wheel to select and then click the button again - It would be a great increase to usability if the option was changed when just clicking the button, remerbering the fact, that most of the options have only 2-3 possible settings.

  4. There should be a possibility to switch the scrolling string. Right now it seems like random whether the title, the artist or the album is scroling during playback - if I want to know the title, I should be able to switch the string which is moving. - i can switch to sound-display, next title etc - maybe using the same button to switch moving string?

5)I never use albumart-tag, and even if i did, fuze’s picture generated from albumart is much to small to be useful at all I think - whatever, I’d like to have a option to NOT display AlbumArt during Playback - would free some space for some more charecters of artist/title-string as well…

6)how can I make fuze recognize mp3s as audio book? even putting it to that folder, its always listed as music…

7)There should be a Folder which is for Data use only (and ignored by fuze firware during database refreshing - or only added as "not usable file, x MB in size). refreshing database took minutes when I placed some hq pics on it (which it could not use anyway)

8)Fuze is refreshing database everytime it was connected to a pc

8)Is it possible to define my own picture as wallpaper? if it is not, it would bea great feature or future Versions


edit: 3 Things I forgot about:

  1. when deleting a song, fuze is sometimes “forgetting” my playlist and opening a list of all the mp3 I’ve got!

  2. when selecting music options at teh end of a song and then selecting “remove song” the next song will be deleted, if playback already began!

  3. In which way is the fuze storing rating infos? in database? in a special file? in the files id2 tag?

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Look in Settings/System Settings/Info/Version to see what your firmware is. If it starts with a 1 you could install Rockbox from and tweak a whole bunch of settings, some of which will probably please you.

If it starts with 2, it’s a different piece of hardware and there’s no Rockbox for it at the moment. 

To the Sansa, Audiobooks are .aa files from Audible. When the Fuze sees an .mp3 or .wma, it thinks it’s music. The best you can do is change the Genre tag in the ID3 tags and then deal with Genre under Music. 

More on ID3 tags:

i got a v1, didnt know rockbox port is that far already, read about it some month ago…

I cant just rename .mp3 to .aa, can I? using genre works as good as using the folder selection, so its quite obsolte - I usally shuffle my plaback, using audiobooks this aint that useful ^^

No, you can’t rename the file format. It won’t play because it will try to use the .aa decoder.

Try changing the genre of your audiobook file to “audiobook”.  This will keep the file separate from your music.

You can make this change in the ID3 tag via Windows Media Player’s advanced tag editor, or use MP3Tag.