Software won't install

The drive is recognized by windows, and verifies that the device exists, but then the Install Shield Wizard says “ReadyCache device does not exist” Even though the drive runs and is recognized by windows, as it shows up as active in Task Manager.

Thanks for the help!

Can you find it in device manager ?

It should be listed in there:

If it’s not press ‘action’ and then ‘scan for hardware changes’ and tell us if it brings anything up

It is in the disk manager.

make sure you have admin rights

  1. kill ExpressCache.exe in taskmanager

  2. kill ExpressCacheApp.exe in taskmanager

  3. Uninstall ExpressCache and ExpressCacheApp in “Programs and Features”

  4. Delete the entire ‘ExpressCache’ folder in Program Files\Sandisk or Program Files (x86)\Sandisk

  5. Open the registry (run regedit) Search for ExpressCache, it should be under Sandisk folder and delete the entire ExpressCache regitry tree.


  7. Reinstall it using the installer

The only things applicable to me are step 6 and 7. None of these exist. Any other things I can do?

I seem to have the same issue. I bought mine used off of Amazon and it appears that perhaps the drive was maybe reformatted or something and no matter what I seem to try, the ReadyCache installer gets to about 12% and then tells me “ReadyCache device does not exist”. I have no idea what to do anymore. The drive is detected by Disk Management, Device Manager and the motherboard. I can even make it a new volume and format it to use as a drive, but the software will not install. Would like to at least get this thing installed before I return it. 

Can you check if your device is listed under the registry key:


To access the registry, just select “run” under the windows menu and type “regedit”.

It should be easy to navigate to the right registry key as listed above.

Please print the entire list under the key. I would like to make sure the device string exist and is correct.

Also look at the previous thread “ExpressCache was not installed properly. Error” it looks like launching the application manually worked for him.

Please let me know if it works for you.