Expresscache Installation error


Recently I purcahsed a Samsung U530 ultrabook with sandisk 24gb SSD with expresscache. I reinstalled the Win7 OS after purchasing to get rid of the default bloatwares. I tried to install the Expresscache from samsung drivers but the installation says expresscache installation cannot find any SSD partitions. Then I tried to run the setup files provided here The Installation terminated with a message " Expresscache did not find any Readycache devices on this machine. and Install Readycache device first and try again.

Any suggestions ?

the version posted here is the retail version and it only works with the 32GB 2.5" ReadyCache SSD. You will need to contact samsung and get the OEM version of expresscache from them. 

Hi Lucky

Thanks for your clarification. But that version which I downloaded from Samsung also says it cannot see any available partitions, But the disk is very much available in device manager and My computer… seems weired…

Anyway thank you for your time. I will contact Samsung.

Further suggestions are welcome