SMC Updating ideas.

I just wanted to thank everyone involved Sandisk it’s a great product and so far one of the best besides the whored apple products.  LOL anyway I have seen a lot of software/firmware and games so under appreciated in my time. I just wanted to mention on the SMC that it’s a real pain to have to plug it in and leave it in while converting… Like really no other video player I have ever gotten was like that and I see it as a serious problem for anyone buying your product for video as they have to sit there with a useless pc while there video is converting. Or at least i’m the only one who gives all my pc’s resources to the converting program and bc of that my videos usually don’t go out of sync while i’m watching them. The SMC ive noticed is having some issues right now. Not being able to convert video for some people as it’s crashed on me a few times. For some reason it only crashed when I try to convert AVI tv shows like Wonder Showzen. For a bit it was converting 1 AVI file at a time then I updated and well not even the one file at a time method works. After a lot of reading and file searching I have found a Software utility that so far I find quite amazing called Video4Fuze as I can choose a double pass and put in my own code. It loads as many files as I want and does not crash. I have not watched anything on it yet but since it’s a dos loader and I am a power xp user it’s working great to convert these videos that I have. I also just wanted to mention about the SMC it will convert videos for me I have no problems with it crashing. I mean Real videos with good resolution and i imagine the codecs in the videos are ones your team where familiar with when crafting the SMC. So after all of this said I would like to see some changes in the next few updates.

Make the SMC Convert videos to a Folder and/or Fuze not just the Fuze it self.

I would like to see the visual for the song length stay on the bar graph visual after I change it from the song length viewer it goes right back… I like to see real time visuals for my music!!

I have not had much time to mess around with this player though I have watched a few videos and listened to music viewed pictures and checked out the radio. All of these features work very nice and because of my 80$ ear bud headphones the sound quality is actually amazing. 

Last but not least! GJ Great product and for all of the Tech noobs out there! Firmware updated will fix your products so hang tight and don’t leave good products under appreciated!!!


@pwrusr2000 wrote:

ISo after all of this said I would like to see some changes in the next few updates.


Doubt you will ever see updates to the SMC. The program wasn’t even written by SanDisk. Video4fuze is supposed to work much better, and it was written by a person here on the forum.