Any update from SanDisk on a SMC version that actually works?

I bought 2 of the Fuze players for my kids for Christmas a few weeks ago.  I was really hoping to have them loaded with a few of their favorite movies in addition to just music.  I’ve given up on getting SMC to convert and I’ve seen that many others have the same results.  I keep seeing that a new version that works better will be released soon.  Can anyone who supports this software let us know when to expect an adequate version that can convert a full length movie to mp4?  Please set some sort of expectation.  If this feature isn’t going to be available soon, I’d like to know so I can just return them and get something else that works.



They just released the “super new and improved” version a month or two ago.

What problems are you having?? 
What kind of files are you trying to convert??