SMART Tool for Extreme

I just bought a 120 Extreme. Just wandering if there is a toolbox available for it? Tia…

Currently SanDisk has not released a toolkit for their SSD line. Any third party SMART tool should work. 

I have purchased the sandisk extreme 240. I am having an issue on my dell laptop. Dell cannot or will not help me. The drive is great but my laptop only sees the sata 3 drive for a short time and then it drops back to a sata 2 device. Dell tells me that my laptop doesnt support sata 3 but it has the sandybridge and hm67 chipset. There have been several people on forums who have sata 6 running great. Mine sees sata 6 and I can get the initial speed test at upwards of 580 transfer rate, but then it just drops down to 250. Is there a driver or something that I should look for.

it could be driver related however the provider of the driver you would need unfortunatly would be dell. where have you read others have had the same computer working well with SATA III devices? I would go to those boards and ask how they did it. 

It’s probably a BIOS thing, in which case you’re SOL.  However, you should try the Intel 11.1 drivers (see Page Special) – they work quite well for me on my Thinkpads. Note they didn’t work so well for my daughter’s Toshiba – she ended up back on the 10.5 drivers.