Slow - does this mean the drive is old and worn?

I have a cruzer 4gb. It must be about 3 years old(?) Lately, I’ve been getting transfer speeds as low as 800kb/s. Is there some way to speed this up, or is it just old and worn?

The contacts on the USB device and/or the pc’s USB port could be oxidized.  Sometimes copying all the files off the device, including the hidden system folder, delete them all from the device, then copying all back helps.

Do note I did NOT say to format the device.

So, does re-formatting the disc damage it in some way? Months ago, I had to re-format as something was corrupt. I re-formatted again today before I put up the post just for kicks and giggles. Still working about the same - speeds as slow as 570kbs up to about 3mbs. Sometimes I have to simply cancel the copying as it takes just too long. Should I be using my OS to eject the drive all the time, or is it ok to simply remove the drive when its idle?

There are reports of people who reformated getting slower speeds from their devices.  Not sure where the problem lies, Windows or Linuz or 3rd party format or file allocation type.

I ALWAYS attempt to use the Safe Removal option when removing my USB devices.  To the extent that I reboot if I can’t.

It’s always best to use the Safely Remove Hardware on the computer rather than just pulling out the drive even if it seems idle.

I was copying music files to my usb drive and spent some time doing other things.  My drive seemed idle.   I used the Safely Remove Hardware feature and I got a  surprise message that the drive was in use by an app.   Not sure what app was causing this, maybe a media manager, but I had to wait a few minutes and try again.   The second time I was able to safely remove it.  I guess one can’t always tell what maybe working in the background.