very very very slow copy and format speed in windows 7

hello, i have a sandisk cruzer blade 8gb usb flash drive

it work very very slow when copy and format in windows 7, it take about 1 hour to format the disk but i have try in windows xp, it just take 40-50 second only, how i fix the problem???

in windows 7 you have to make sure you check the quick format box. if you do not win 7 actually does a full erase and by that i mean it actually zeros the drive or basically writes a 0 to every sector. this takes a long time as you can imagine. in windows XP formatting only updates the FAT regardless of quick format being checked or now which is much faster.

as far as speed download a program like hdtach and use it to benchmark the drive. anywhere from 3 to 5MB/s is normal for this device. 

A key question would be why are you repeatedly formating the drive.  Are you deliberately trying to wear it out?