Hi everyone,

I have just purchased a slotradio card.  I have a Sansa Fuze.  I downloaded the firmware, I now have the slot radio icon on my player.  I inserted the card, but it won’t play.  It comes up with a message saying fill your sansa fuze with 1000 songs instantly.  How do I get this to play?  (My player is fully charged)

which slotradio card did you purchase?

Are you sure the card is inserted all the way? There’s a spring-loaded push-push locking mechanism. You usually have to use a fingernail to push it in slightly past the casing opening for the mechanism to grab it. You can hear 2 faint clicks once it’s locked into place. To remove it, you push in again to release it. Don’t let your finger slip off of it; the spring will launch that little sucker acorss the room!

I have the billboard 90’s,80’s etc.

Yes.  I figured that out eventually, but once loaded all the way in so you can’t even see it, I still get that message under the slotradio selection.

You are inserting the card while the player is OFF, aren’t you? Then turning the player ON?

Yes, but it still comes up with that message. 

Do you have any other micro SD cards? Does the music on them play OK? It could be a bad SlotRadio card, but it could also be a defective card slot in the player. It’d be nice to figure out which it is before you go returning one, then finding out it’s the other.

I was afraid of this. I purchased the card in Ohio this morning, and I live in Canada where they are not available yet…Too far to go and return that’s for sure.

contact sandisk support 866-sandisk and they can set up a replacement for you.