Slot Radio Card

Got a new 8 GB sansafuze, put in a slot radio card and got nothing, anyone else had this problem?

You’ll have to update the firmware to be able to use the slotradio card.  Look at the top of the board for a sticky with the firmware.  There’ll be a link for the download and instructions.

Once it’s updated, there’ll be a slotradio icon on the main menu.  You can’t miss it, it’s bright red.

It looks like I’ve got the latest firmware and the red icon for the slot radio card, but  It still doesn"t play the card.

Did you insert the card while the player was off? Did you insert the card completely until it clicked into place?

Did you try pressing the play/pause button?

If the card is inserted & seated correctly (you can hear 2 faint clicks as the mechanism grabs it & locks it into place), it could be a defective card slot in the Fuze itself, or a defective SlotRadio card. Do you have another micro-SD card with music on it? Does it play OK? There’s really no way to check if the SlotRadio card is bad since it won’t play except in machines built and designed for them. The only way to verify if it’s good or bad is to take it back and try another one.

If you bought it in a brick & mortar store, perhaps you could take your Fuze in with you, and try the replacement card then & there. But you should first verify that it’s not the Fuze with the problem. For that matter, you could do the same thing with the Fuze, provided you didn’t buy it on-line.