slotmusic card sound quality...worth buying?

just wondering if these are good deals as per sound quality goes on these recordings…i mean as per 1000 songs for $35 what can you say…good deal on paper…we here in canada don’t the the 1000 billboard artists slot yet so hopefully it is coming soon.

The Slotmusic cards have just one album on them. $35 is the price of a card with one album and the Slotmusic player, which is basic player without a display. The sound quality on the Slotmusic player is lower than on the Clip+ or Fuze. The Slotradio cards with 1,000 songs are $50 each, or $60 for the card plus the Slotradio to Go player, which is a player without a display.

The Slotradio and and Slotmusic cards sound good when played on a Clip+ or Fuze. The problem with the Slotradio card is that you can’t copy the songs to your pc, and you can’t make a playlist, mark songs you don’t like to not play, or rewind songs. You can only skip to the next song when a song you don’t like starts playing.

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slotmusic cards are only 14.99 they have one album and the files are MP3 format 320kbps.

slotradio cards are 39.99 they have 100 songs in several different playlists and you have limited control of the music. i have the one linked above and the selection of music is pretty good. just wish i could play the songs on my computer as well but 1000 songs for 40 bucks is not bad at all.  

The Slotradio cards are on sale this week at Radio Shack for $30. I bought the Oldies card. The sound quality is great, however it is frustrating to not have the ability to mark unwanted songs so they won’t play. The only option available is to skip to the next song whenever an unwanted song starts playing.

Can the songs just be copied off the card?  Are they DRM-less MP3s?