Bitrate/Encoding quality of slotradio cards?

I’m thinking about getting the slotradio “oldies” card. But I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere what the bit rate on these is. I’m rather fussy about sound quality (which is why I bought the Sansa Fuse and Clip players). I think I read somewhee that the slotmusic cards used a pretty high bit rate, but what about the slotradio cards?  

I think I read somewhere that they are 320kbps.

While looking for the information I found that the SlotMusic cards are 320 Kbps. I was hoping for confirmation that SlotRadio cards are as well. 

Do you recall if what you read was about slot music or slot radio?

[It may be a moot point for me, as I just found a number of albums (MP3 download) I want to buy from amazon, so my music budget for the next month or two is all but spent already.]

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