Slot radio cards

Second question: When I load the new slot radio cards into the FUSE…It doesn’t appear after trying that I can select songs and save to the play list. What I would like to do is select some songs and save them to playlist…Is this possible?


I don’t believe you can modify the existing playlists on slotradio cards, but perhaps you should ask again on the Fuze board?

The channels on the Slotradio card can only be played in their predetermined orders… If a song starts playing that you don’t like, you can forward to the next song(press the button at 6 oclock) or switch to a different channel(use the < or > button). I read that each channel has 3 different orders, and the songs alternate between these 3 orderings. On the card is stored the place in each channel. How do I know this? I played my Slotradio card in my Fuze for a while and when the power in it was low, I switched the card to my Clip+. I was shocked when it resumed mid song!