Slot Radio card compatibility

I did a search through the forums and couldn’t find an answer to my question, so I thought I would post it here.

I have an old Sansa Fuze that is starting to get a little erratic, and it’s time to replace it.  I do use a Slot Radio card with the Fuze, and I really like it.  My problem is that I can no longer find a new Fuze for sale anywhere.  The only models I can seem to find now are the Clip Zip, the Clip Sport and Sport plus, the Clip Jam.  I was able to find the user’s manuals for each of these, and there was no mention of Slot Radio cards in any of them.   I should point out that I was only able to use the Slot Radio card in my Fuze after I did an update to the firmware,  The Fuze manual has no mention of Slot Radio cards either. 

So, I thought it might be possible that some of the above mentioned models might be compatible with the Slot Radio card after a firmware update.  The bottom line is :  does anyone know which Sandisk models currently available are able to play music from a Slot Radio card?  I would really appreiciate any information anyone might have on this subject.

Thank you.

Sansa abandoned support for Slot Radio cards some years ago.

no current models support slotradio cards. 

Thanks for the information.  I guess when my Fuze finally gives up the ghost, I"ll have to find an older model (maybe the original Clip) or else do without the Slot Radio card.  Thanks again for the help.

The original Clip did not have a card slot. If you can find another used or re-furbed Fuze or Clip+, that would be the way to go, although given their limited availability the prices are higher now than when they were new.

The Clip Zip supports Slotradio cards.