Sleep function

THE main reason I purchased this MP3 player is so I can listen to podcasts in bed just before I go to sleep.

So the sleep function is very important to me, and I checked the manual online to see if there was a sleep function.

But unfortunately it has no memory for any sleep settings, so EVERY time I use my payer I have to reset the sleep function.

Isn’t there a possibility to keep the sleep function as it was set, until I change it again.

This to me makes much more sence than as it is now, for all other settings things also remain the same until changed,

I don’t have to adjust every single setting every time I start my player, so why can’t you do the same for the sleep function.

Unless there is a way to keep it as I put it, but I tried everything and read the manual twice, didn’t find anything.

Please help. :frowning:

I completely agree!  It should be trivial to have sleep function default to last setting.  This would be a nice enhancement.

Sandisk could easily add an extra sub-option to the time interval specification:

Use time interval: once/always

This would work if one only uses the player at bedtime. Otherwise, everytime you turned the player on it would power off at the preset time interval. Hence the need to manually set it to do this when you want it to.

Sorry, the “once/always” would be a perfect solution, but the option doesn’t exists so as things stand there is no real solution until they do a firmware update including this option.

This sounds like the perfect solution, but it will remain virtual untill Sandisk does a firmware update including it.

After all that’s the point of all this, no ?

The sleep function is designed to reset to OFF if the device is manually powered off before the set interval.  This was chosen to avoid confusion when powering up again.  Just imagine how inconvenient it would be to have the device turn off every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, having the device remember the last interval selected by placing the pointer at that last time doesn’t sound like bad idea, I agree.  The result would be very similar to the one we see when selecting EQ , where the last selection is retained.

Bob  :wink:

My creative zen had this feature.
You set a particular interval ONCE and it automatically turns off after X minutes starting from when you touched any button = you’re sleeping :smiley: