Sleep function


I have just bought a sansa blue clip 2gb from ebay…i am very pleased with it…someone told me there was a sleep function but i can’t seem to find it…this would be ideal for me as i like to go to bed and listen to a podcast…Or is there anyway i could download anything that would give me a sleep function.

Just go to Settings> System Settings and you should find “Sleep”.

Thanks for you help…i can now rest in peace when i go to bed…best £20 i have spent in a long time…

A lot of us use the clip to listen to podacasts at bedtime. The sleep function would be great for that, except its setting is temporary (1-time), not sticky. So, each time you want to use the sleep function, it’s 12 button pushes + about 6 button pushes to get back to your podcast. If you set it for 30 minutes and want to renew the sleep function for another 30 minutes, it’s another 18 button pushes.

Sad that Sandisk designed such a great product and was so clueless about how people actually this aspect of it.

I know some people want to set sleep for just once. But there should be a sticky sleep option for the millions of bedtime users.

I listen to audiobooks - and I set the sleep to 30 minutes, but it’s ignored - just keeps on playing my book!  Does it not work for audiobooks?