sleep timer memory

I would like my Sansa Clip+ to “remember” a sleep setting of 45 minutes.  I know how to set the sleep setting, but I don’t want to have to set it every time. 

This is especially important beause my #1 use is as a sleep aid, and at 2AM when I roll over and start thinking about the car’s transmission, I want to be able to turn the Clip on and start listening w/out having to wake up enough to set the sleep timer.  Any ideas?

Sorry, there’s no way to ‘permanently’ set the slep timer. You must do it each time you use it. It is designed that way, so it won’t be shutting off when you don’t expect (or want) it to.

Once I thought I heard somebody say you could make this happen through jukebox or media monkey or something like that. 

This is a really important funtion.  W/out it, I am in the market for a player that has it.

Might that have been wth the alternate Rockbox firmware, available at

Wow, so I just went and read the manual for rockbox clip+ and sure enough, it has this feature I’m wanting.  Are we saying that if I just wipe out my firmware and replace it w/ this my Clip should work?

Are there downsides to this?

Thanks for the tip!

  1.  There is no need to “wipe out” the SanDisk firmware on your Clip+ in order to install Rockbox. It doesn’t replace it, but merely sits alongside the original firmware and so is dual bootable, meaning you can boot either into Rockbox or the OF as you desire.
  2. There is no way to remove the original firmware even if you wanted to.
  3. I tried to suggest this yesterday, but my crappy work computer decided to re-boot on it’s own just as I was posting. I figured someone else would suggest the Rockbox alternative firmware.


And actually, Rockbox sits “on top of” part of the Clip firmware. But it’s all explained at the Rockbox site and in the manuals there, including how to install and what Clip firmware you need to use as part of this.

I agree, I would like the sleep timer to remember what it was. I listen to Audible books, so Rockbox isn’t an option for me.