Shuts down unexpectedly and works fine the second day... PLZ HELP

My 4GB Fuze stops working everyday… sometime it works after a while, and sometime the next day. But it’s been worse lately, even after upgrading to the latest software. I will wait for some reponses before contacting the technical support.

It’s a nice player… i hope everyone is enjoying it. I still prefer my old Sansa e260 though.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a particular file or type that you are playing when it shuts down?

If the device is paused, is it the auto power off operating?

I love the e200 series, they are nice in the hand, solid, and well built.  The Fuze is smooth, funky compared against the older sister device, but the new scroll wheel is very nice.  I prefer the subtle click and faster scroll wheel response of the e200, as the Fuze requires a few passes of the magnet to respond to the wheel.

The Fuze does everything very smoothly, however, and is a worthy successor to the e200.

Bob  :wink:

My Fuze is back to life… so far

I noticed the battery indicator is very low when it shuts down, so i tried various tricks since i can’t take off the battery like in the e200’s.

  1. Didn’t use it at all for two days.

  2. Reset the device by holding down the home key and then the on switch for about 5-10 seconds.

  3. Started the device and reset it to the factory settings and switched it off again.

  4. Charged it over night, gave it a two hours break, and then charged it in a different laptop for about 4 hours.

–> here we go, it’s working again and don’t know what was the main factor.

I really hate the fact that we can’t change the batteries in any of the new models.

I found the 4GB Clip on sale for $50 and bought it. Owns 3 Sandisks, but still prefer my e260.


Simple things first, have you tried a different usb cable?

When these units freeze, or shut down, the soft reset will restart the device. Hold the power switch in the ON position for 10-15 seconds, and release.

The e200 series v2 devices, and the Clip, both share in this mode, as they have the same processor.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: