setting up SanDisk USB flash drive

I have just purchased an 8GB SanDisk flash drive to use with my iMac running OS10.5.8 and cannot find how to access the software download required for Macs. Can anyone advise me where this is.

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Bernard Watson

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Here you have the links:


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Thank you Alfred - tried that and am now set up OK. Thank you very much. Only problem is, when I try to download data onto the disk, part-way through my screen tells me the loading has stopped because I have removed the SanDisk from the computer. But I haven’t - I haven’t touched it and it is still plugged in. It is an 8GB disk and the total size of the info I am trying to transfer is 172MB. Any ideas, or should I return it to the dealer and get a new one?

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Well, if I’m not sure to interpret your message. Please write it up again.

If the problem is in the disk UFD, try it on another Mac, and see what happens.
If the problem is in SecureAccess, make “clean slate” and copy  in the UFD, another SecureAccess, you downloaded on the Mac

You want to transfer to disk (UFD? HD of Mac?), a file of 127 MB anyone from the Mac, or from SecureAccsses?
To transfer a file from SecureAccess (see guide), or to work on it, it should first decrypt, and then work or transfer.

Always remember, to have a clone (updated) of the UFD, safely tucked away.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                             (Google translated)

when I try to download data onto the disk,

To the disk you can download,  to the SecureAccess vault you can not.  Download the file somewhere then use the SecureAccess screen to copy/move the file to the vault.