send back

hey im trying to send back my sansa clip but i cant find the UPS label can someone help asap

Did you contact SanDisk for a replacement?

If you registered your device, and opened an eBox account, there will be a message for you with a link to print your UPS RMA label.

If you have submitted your regular email account information, in a case where you telephoned Support directly, check your regular email.

It only takes a few minutes to register your device!  Simply click on the SanDisk logo in the upper left corner of this page, then go to Support, then Register.  It’s quite convenient, as you can track the status for your Sansa, and correpond easily.  The case number will also show for your listed device(s).  If you telephone, this number is your guide.


I already have my player registered and everytime i go into my ebox i have nothing that says anything bout the ups label , and i go on almost everyday to see if it got sent but theres nothing there

Umm, speak to customer service about that?