faulty sansa clip


I emailled customer support: support@sandisk.com in regards to a faulty sansa clip mp3 player, but I have had no response yet

Do you answer your emails? Can you confirm that you received my email?

I want to return my mp3 player asap as I haven’t been able to use it for about a week now. I have tried the suggestions on this forum to get it working, but it still doesn’t switch on. The player was bought under a year ago and still in warranty. Please help!



This is a user forum. I know of only one Sandisk employee who ever posts here. The best way to reach Sandisk is at their phone tech support number (1-866-SANDISK in the US, I believe). When you call them with your problem, they’ll also tell you how to set up an “e-box”, a dedicated mailbox for support correspondence.

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I will give them a call tomorrow, they don’t seem to be responding to any of the emails I sent.

Calling is always better. Faster too.

It’s easy to ignore e-mails, not so with a ringing phone. :wink: